Dialogic is a leading provider of world-class multimedia and signaling technologies and platforms. Dialogic enables its customers to provide innovative IP, wireless, and video solutions. Dialogic offers one of the richest selections of communications products based on open standards in the industry to empower you to create innovative mobile, video, IP, and TDM solutions for your customers.

Some of the Dialogic Products :

TR 1705

TDM Boards and Software

Dialogic provides a very rich selection of media processing boards that range from two-port analog interface boards to quadspan T1/E1 media and network interface boards. These products support a suite of media processing features, including voice play and record, conferencing, fax, speech integration, VoIP, and video. The boards are arranged in tables with links to detailed information, (included on datasheets and related documents such as white papers and manuals), form factor, resource bus (where applicable), ports, operating systems, and network interfaces (when available). Boards represented include Dialogic® Media Boards with DM3 and JCT architectures, Dialogic® Diva Media Boards, and Dialogic® CG Series Media Boards that work with Dialogic® NaturalAccess™ Software.

Dialogic JCT Family Media Boards

Dialogic Dm3 Family Media Boards

Dialogic Diva Family Media Boards

Dialogic NMS Family Media Boards


Signaling IP & SS7 Components

Dialogic® Distributed Signaling Interface (DSI) supports a wide range of Signaling System 7 (SS7) and internet protocol capabilities to manage the signaling traffic between an application and the SS7 network over TDM or IP. Together the Dialogic® DSI Network Interface Boards, DSI Protocol Stacks, and DSI Signaling Servers enable equipment manufacturers and developers to create cost-effective, scalable solutions for today's modular networks.

DSI components are linked into a run-time environment that coordinates the execution of signaling operations among separate processors in the configuration: the application host computer, the SS7 interface board with protocol acceleration capabilities, and remote signaling servers where messages can be processed without use of host computer cycles. The DSI message handling software transports signaling information between protocol layers or between a protocol layer and an application layer in a totally transparent way, regardless of the physical source and destination of the messages.

DSI products deliver numerous benefits including:

• Flexibility to meet diverse requirements worldwide with a mix of the best platforms and most suitable form factors for excellent price-performance and rapid time to market

• Development investment protection through portability of the same applications from boards, to servers, to SS7 over IP (SIGTRAN).

• Proven track record of deployment for more than a decade

• Signal message monitoring on TDM and IP to enable distinctive service delivery and enhanced security

Signaling Boards

Signaling Software

Signaling Servers and Gateways


IP & IP Enabled Components

Dialogic® IP & IP enabled Components (available in Linux and Windows® versions) performs multimedia processing tasks on general-purpose servers without requiring the use of specialized hardware. The Linux version supports high density advanced multimedia features such as video transcoding (H.263 and MPEG-4), video conferencing, video transrating and 3G-324M Release 99 for TDM and NbUP. Both versions support video (H.263), T.38 and V.17 Fax, speech integration, and enhanced RTP (G.723, G.729). For call control over IP, both versions support industry-standard SIP protocol. Among the many applications that can be developed with HMP Software are voice and video conferencing servers, voice and video messaging, voice and video mail, voice and video portals, IVR and announcements, and contact centers.

Host Media Processing Software

HMP Interface Boards

IP Boards

Multimedia Products

Diva IP Software

IP Media Server


Gateways and Integrated Systems

The Dialogic® Media Gateway Series offers both turnkey appliances and integrated platforms that connect IP networks to the PSTN or PBXs. Tested for interoperability with leading PBXs and enterprise applications and easy to install and manage with a web-based interface, these gateways can be used for Unified Messaging and Communications, FoIP Servers and Document Management, IP-PBX PSTN Access, SIP Trucking, Toll Bypass, and many other uses.

Supporting media and signaling in a single chassis, the Dialogic Media Gateway such as IMG 1010 Integrated Media Gateway is a VoIP gateway that provides any-to-any voice network connectivity (SIP to PRI, CAS, and SS7 networks) and allows carriers to deliver new telephony services quickly. This gateway also supports IP-to-IP transcoding for network peering applications.

Enterprise Media Gateway

Integrated Media Gateway

Converged Services Platform


Voice Over IP

Dialogic delivers time-tested industry-leading VoIP technology, offering a broad range of fax and fax over IP products, which are supported by more than 50 software partners and approved for use in more than 40 countries (as of 2008). The Dialogic® Brooktrout® T.30 Stack has been deployed for more than 20 years.

Dialogic Fax Boards & Software