GoCLOUD: Public Cloud Computing Services

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

IaaS service is based on Dell platform comprising of Dell’s 11th Generation PowerEdge Blade Servers, Dell Force 10 Switches and Dell EqualLogic and Dell Compellent Storage Arrays, all deployed in a High Availability Mode. The Virtualization layer is built on Citrix Zen servers and Citrix CloudStack, We offer flavours of Virtual Private Servers giving the customer ability of being able to configure his own server by choosing the appropriate Virtual CPUs (Cores), RAM, Storage and Operating System flavours (Flavours of Linux like CentOS, Free BSD etc and Windows). This is a flexible, pay per use on-demand solution provides you the ability to align your IT costs with the business need while allowing you to scale up (or down) with your needs, provisioning just-in-time computing services.(Click here for more information)

Platform as a Service:  PaaS service is primarily designed for the VAS community and is a complete ecosystem for App developers to develop, host, run and manage their VAS applications on the cloud. The Go CLOUD PaaS platform will enable VAS developers to custom build applications and services through on-demand framework of Dialogic tools and hardware. (To be launched soon).

Software as a Service (SaaS): The SaaS services comprise of 2 types of software – Horizontal and Vertical. The Horizontal SaaS supports functions like Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, Accounting etc. These will enable enterprise to consume these resources on-demand and without the associated responsibilities to support and maintain these applications. The Vertical SaaS services are dedicated to specific verticals including Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Education etc. (To be launched soon).