IT Infrastructure is a critical tool that helps Organisations achieve their business goals and objectives. IT managers are often tasked with meeting apparently cross purpose goals of delivering low cost, reliable and innovative IT service. Our bouquet of Infrastructure Services includes Cloud Services, Infrastructure Management and Optimisation Services.

GoCLOUD suite of services provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) for all enterprise customers but fine-tuned for the SME/SMB sector. In addition to on-demand, pay per use model for cloud computing, we also have options for buy back and replacement of old onsite assets with new assets either on down payment or a rental model. That truly ensures a pay per use model for consuming IT.

GoMANAGED suite of Infrastructure Management Services covers the entire spectrum of IT Management starting from Help Desk Operation, End User Computing support, Network Management, Security Management and Data Centre Operations. Our services are delivered in a combination of on-site, on-call and remote support to make it cost efficient and proactive.

GoASSIST suite of services for small and Medium Enterprise provides cloud based end to end IT services including management of the residual onsite IT infrastructure. And all this is available on a pay per use model.

Infrastructure Optimisation Services include WAN Optimisation, Server Load Balancing, IPv4-IPv6 Migration/Translation, Virtualisation, building of Private Cloud Networks and Event Warehouse and Data Management.