Event Data Warehouse Solution

Managing Event Data is a serious business for many Service Providers, especially with growing compliance requirement and security needs. Telecom Operators have to deal with growing volumes of Call Data Records (CRDS) that can run into billions records generated per day. The launch of 3G and proliferation of Data Services provided by them means that the IP Data Records (IPDR) too need to be collected, analysed and stored along with CRDs. Similar need is there in other providers like Banks and Health Services. There is a need to collect, store and analyse such event data, both from security and privacy/sensitivity point of view.
Classical Relational Database Management Systems are good for transaction data but not for time stamped event data. Event data has different characteristics, namely:

  • It is of typically of short length, time stamped and often generated in very high volumes.
  • It has to be collected as it is generated (often at the speed of the network).
  • It requires large storage and quick retrieval for analysis and query resolution.
  • It should be stored in its original format (without tampering for it to be admissible as evidence).

      So a good Event Data Management system should be able to

  • Collect and store large volumes of data
  • Provide on-demand report in reasonable timeframe (minutes and not days)
  • Keep costs under control as data volumes grow

SenSage Inc is a pioneer in the field of Event Data Management and has an Event Data Warehouse solution for Security and Compliance. This software based system has four simple functions for event data: Collect, Store, Analyse and Report. It stores the data in clustered, compressed and columnar form which makes it around 20 times more efficient than a normal RDBMS system. The data is normalised but not changed. Original event data record is available in native form, should it be required for any purpose.
SenSage can collect data from almost anywhere – Network and Security Devices, Physical Access Systems, Identity Management Systems, Workstations, Servers, Operating Systems, Database Activity, Enterprise Applications (Shrink-wrapped, Customized), Banking Transactions (ATMs, Credit Card systems), Telco CDRS, Web Based IPDRs, RFID Records, Email, IT Infrastructure Management Systems, Manufacturing Sensor Data and many more. Its Adapters can obtain and parse data from over 250 data sources through a variety of protocols, including but not limited to Syslog, Syslog NG, SNMP, FTP, SFTP, SCP, SMB, RPC, SQL*Net/RDBMS, HTTP(s), GET, PUSH etc.

SenSage solution supports various business requirements, including Revenue Assurance, Fraud Detection, Forensics and investigations, Anti-terror Information Request, Regulatory Compliance, Customer Service and Marketing Programs based on its ability to analyse and correlate event data.
Some key benefits of the SenSage platform are:

  • Leverage Content Addressed Storage to yield Enterprise class Security Analysis.
  • Manage volumes of event data to reduce threat, violation and privacy risks.
  • Capture all CDR and logs record from relevant sources.
  • Store years of data online with immediate access to all data.
  • Streamline operational reporting and automate many audit processes.
  • Accelerate compliance efforts and meet data retention guidelines.
  • Reduce log management, storage, archive , administration and growth costs (columnar and not relational data storage)
  • Readily expand capacity, performance and availability with appliance like deployment convenience.